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Lori Alexander, Author
Aufélie Blard-Quintard, Famously Phoebe

I grew up in sunny San Diego, California with my parents, little brother, and lots of nearby cousins. I was the oldest of the bunch, so it was up to me to come up with the best games and stories. Some might have said "bossy" but I prefer "caring".


On rainy days, my mom pulled out a huge box bursting with craft supplies. While my brother twisted fuzzy pipe cleaners into mini weapons, I made books. They had fancy felt covers, main characters dressed in glitter, and bad dudes with button eyes. I was terrible with a stapler so my books are usually held together with hair ribbons or barrettes. There were never enough rainy days in San Diego.


Now, I live with my husband and kids in extremely sunny Tucson, Arizona. There are far fewer rainy days here. but I still love making books. And even though I'm better with a stapler, I leave the book binding to the professionals.



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