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Talking Mentor Texts with ReFoReMo

Lori Alexander writes lovely read-alouds filled with humor. I'm excited to talk with her on ReFoReMo about how she uses mentor texts!

Do you utilize picture books as mentor texts?

Thanks for hosting me on the ReFoReMo blog, Kirsti! I have learned about so many wonderful children’s books here.

I do utilize picture books as mentor texts! I read new PBs for enjoyment first and then I read them manymore times to learn how they’re structured. Sometimes I’ll type out the text to get a feel for the words per spread, the pacing, and how the page turns are used to build suspense.

How has reading picture books helped you discover who you are as a writer?

I gravitate toward short, funny picture books. Years ago, my daughter’s preschool held a Love of Reading week where parents volunteered as “guest readers.” I chose to share JAKE GOES PEANUTS by Michael Wright. Making a room full of kids laugh is addicting. I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since!

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